With the discontent of not meeting even a single carnivore, we went back to our cottages. The next item was the screening of a Documentary on Nagarhole forests. The picture was put-up using an LCD projector. The speakers from Creative did the audible communication. Nagarhole has the highest density of Asiatic Tigers. Sure, it had been added to my expedition list.

The night was cold and breezy. There was fire lighted-up and we all sat around, close to it. We were not the only gang in that JungleLodge, there were other visitors as well, but all paired-ones. The surrounding was illuminated in a meagre brightness from the fireplace. The sky was dense with stars. There were sounds of people gaging and teasing. Damn! Would be perfect for a honeymoon vacation.

Ok. Then was food for the night. The dinner was perfect along with the gulab-jamoon. We all accumulated in one cottage to chit-chat. We mastigated and chewed a lot of things relating to the workplace. The time was 11:30pm. We halted to sleep for not having anything more to grind.

The wake-up call came at 6:00am, the next day. We prepared ourselves for the climb. It was a 2 and 12 hour trek. Initially, we walked through a plain and then the hilly region came in. We climbed quite fast and we were at the top of it. The wind was wet and had a considerable velocity. The forestman who took us through the way, had a double-barreled gun and was gazing the forest in a binocular. We sat there for quite sometime. The gunman, all of sudden pointed his fingers towards the forest. He had found a herd of Pachyderms, grazing down the hill. We all except Jon had a good glimpse of them. He couldn’t find them even using the binoculars. We had a hard time in helping him to spot them. The sun showed up hot and bright. We climbed down for the breakfast. We had to check-out at 11:00am. And we did that.

On the wasy back to B’lore, we stopped at Nanjankund. There is a Temple of Lord Shiva. He happened to be the Family God for Chandru, one of our accomplice. I had to pay some rupees to get the prasadham, which I didn’t do. Then from there it was Ranganathittu. It is a bird sanctuary on on the banks of the Cauvery River. We got to see a couple of fresh water crocodiles. The birds were mostly of stork genus.

We again stopped at CafeDay during our return journey. It was crowded again. I told you, it is at a strategic location. People refreshed and spent some time relaxing. Then we zoomed into B’lore. The heavy-n-noisy traffic welcomed us back in the city.

2nd & 3rd of July made us Jungle’e Boys. Yes! Have been to Bandhipur to mark our parting with Jon. We just wanted to spend the last hours of us with him together. Jon is leaving us to pursue his studies in Mechatronics. All the best, Dude.

Amith & Reddy had brought their cruisers. Myself, Gullu & Gones were in Reddy’s Zen while Chandru, Jon & Dutta came in Amith’s Indica. We started at about 6:00am from B’lore. Nothing stopped us except the early morning rituals. We were looking for a good place to *do* the dew. CafeDay came in our way.

CafeDay is located right in the middle of b’lore-mysore highway. Though their hoardings claim just a 10Km away, but they were actually far-off. The time was around 8:30am and I just couldn’t believe the amount crowd in that place. The salesmen were busy and brisky. The place had some awesome interiors. Glass walls till the Roof - Pretty Wallposters - Neat Showcases - Ample Seating. They had a nice large leather couch; we rested ourselves there. Each guy in our gang ordered for a distinctive drink. My order was something like *___ Irish ___* Phew! It tasted as if somebody had added huge amounts of complan (choco flavour) in water and served it after allowing it to boil for hours together. Obviously, I coudn’t relish mine.

We were actually headed towards a lodge owned by JungleLodges, a unit of Karnataka Government’s Tourism Department - currently managed by the State Forest Department officials. You should see their office in M.G Road. I’m really surprised. Every guy in that office has a flat-panel monitor in front of him. They are all Relations officers. Their phones rang uninterruptedly - atleast in the time I visited. They answered calls in a cordial-n-pleasant manner, checking the status of the venues on their PCs. They even suggest places considering the weather. Everybody talks in English man!! rare to notice in a Govt. office. Their interiors were woodish & themed in brown.

We reached the place at around 11:30am and checked in. Me and Gullu were put-up in a single cottage. The room was neat and clean. They had built it just a year back.

Our agenda was
** ThatDay**: Enter -> Lunch -> Rest/Relax -> Tea -> Evening Safari -> A Documentary Film on Nagarhole -> CampFire with Barbeque/Drinks -> Dinner -> Rest/Relax/Sleep.
** Next Day**: Early Morning Trek -> Breakfast -> Rest/Relax -> Exit

The Safari in the evening was thrilling. We were taken in an open-top HM-RTV Ranger. The weather was cool with slight drizzles. We spotted Spotted Deers, Sambar, Peafouls, Gaurs, Wild-Boar, Hare and some uncommon monkeys. We were unfortunate and missed the sighting of Tigers, Cheetahs and Bears. The encounter we had with a heard of Elephants was nerve-pricking. We blocked their way when they were about to cross the highway. We gave them the way when the Head of the Group - a gaint animal, grunted like the sound of a trumpet. It took the rest of the group to cross. Our cameras couldn’t capture such sights convincingly, owing to feeble lighting.

to be continued…

Silver Years

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It had been 25 years, since my parents got married. 26th June, 2005 was a special day for my family. I had been home to celebrate the occasion. I personally didn’t get any gifts from B’lore. My Bro, Asok Kalidass, surprised me having got 2 gifts; one for him and the other for myself to present. My mum had a special present from our cook here. Ladies are exceptional. We got sweets, purchased clothes and roamed out - all the celebration we had. My Grand parents blessed my folks for long life and good health. It appereared good to me when they knelt down together to my grand parents. A rare sighting in these 24 years.

The times had been both good and bad for them. There had been quarrels, conflicts and arguments in these years. Not to forget the cheering moments and joyous gatherings, they had. Moods being up and down is a part of their life. Tolerance and Sacrifice had been their greatest virtues. Even the demanding situations kept them united. Let the love for each other last for their life.

Silver has been reaped. Gold is sowed this season. Let the couple live up their aspirations.

[How do you begin tackling big projects that take on messy, undefined problems?][]
1. Avoid Analysis Paralysis
2. Question Every Decision
3. Bring in the Outliers

The Prototyping Model of SDLC is nothing but Points 1 & 2. We in our projects follow them a lot. Putting down something that is understood gives a good relief and comfort. This model believes in ‘do-review-do’ procedures, highly effective and gives visibility.

The 3rd one is totally unacceptable. Its like creating a mess to clear-up the mess?

[How do you begin tackling big projects that take on messy, undefined problems?]: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/95/design-fasttake5.html

Chennai Weather

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The Sun in Chennai fried (oil-less) me totally during my visit to it in the last week. The Suns in Coimbatore and Bangalore were better. I have already got some rashes around my left hand index-knuckle. This is because I’m reactive to pollution and sensitive to UV rays. The Skin therapist had advised me to avoid the 9am-4pm Sun. But inevitably I had to go out in that time.

The Sun in Chennai witnessed most my of outings. Owing to this, my rashes got intense and drove me into trouble. In addition, I got Sun burns around my neck which made me to experience a burning sensation whenever I sweated. Even worser, the skin beneath my pinnae and the upper part of the neck got hardened to resemble the skin of a Buffalo. This analogy just refers to the texture and not the color.

When in the Sun, I got roasted and while in Shadows, I got soaked with Sweat. The Salt from my Body precipitated and stayed on my arms, cheeks, neck and forehead. You are not supposed to wipe-off the Sweat, as Sweat is secreted to cool the body and if it is cleaned-up what happens? It’ll again Sweat. You are unknowingly triggering a cyclic reaction and the only produce will be a ‘dirty-stinking hankie’.

I’m slowly recovering from all my skin complaints. The Sun in Bangalore is showing sympathy and mercy towards me. Yesterday, the Max temp was 29 degree celsius while the Min was 21 degree celsius and there were some showers. The monsoon is yet to begin. Cool isn’t it?

In case if u have missed - Chennai Meetup - Part 1 is here

I was still sleeping. The chillness of the AC woke Arvind at 6. He switched it off and then continued sleeping. Later he told that even a 25 degree celsius would cause the floor to go so cold that it’ll make us feel bitter when stepped on. Thangam was motionless in his sleep. 3 of us were on the same bed. No worries, nothing happenned. I was the last to get-up. Sunday for me started late at 9:00am.

We took bath and got ready to have some breakfast. Arvind’s mom had to go to office (IOB). This time Arvind’s dad had to prepare us food. PlainDosai-EggDosai-IdlyPodi-Thovayal combination was our intake. Then called up Nal for the day’s plan. Also I was asking Arvind’s dad for the route to Nanganallur. Wanted to meet my friend who resides there. Getting to know the buses to take, I left for Nanganallur.

The Other guys gathered and got into a ChettinaduHotel for the luncheon. The place was Nal’s choice. Not very crowded and they have got into a seperate dining room. Their order was mostly sea food. I was in Kodambakkam station and Nal came to pick me to the hotel.

We had one new person with us. It was Sasi (the God). Man, he had put lot of fat and flesh. I noticed his tummy growing out. He had chubby cheeks, rosy skin, bluie eyes…. ok I’ll stop here. He spends most of his free time in FWding SMSes and composing ring tones in his mobi. If your mobi inboxes are empty and needs some filling, do subscribe with Sasi. He had improved his way of talking. The modulation index had significantly reduced.

One person who had escaped from all the fun was Nags. He had gone to his Sis’s house on the previous night. Nags was the same as seen right from college. One change could be - Nice-Neatly-Groomed hair. He had trimmed off all the curls but the curls in his GreyMatter are still intact. There are facts to prove, read on. We were extremely happy that he had applied for 2 (individual) patents. His research and development is towards building the World’s Fastest ADC. Did u say wOw? I said it to myself. 9to9 will be his normal work timings at TI. Got a house in B’lore, brought his parents there and well settled. Expecting a travel to Texas in another few months. So thats about him.

The other guy was Gokul. We didn’t know where he went. But returned in the evening with a perfume and miniature-digicam. Your guesses on who would have gifted are most welcome. Gokul had both losses and gains. Our photos showcase them. If you have any problems in pronouncing Proper Nouns esp Names, pls get in touch with Gokul. He’s well experienced. He had shown lot of enthusiasm and spirit throughout our trip. The aspect of liveliness came from him. Shall we call him the Hero?

Prompted by the banners of Sathyam Theatre, boasting to have a Digital Movie Projection System, we wanted to experience it. ‘Mr&Mrs Smith’ was running, but couldn’t get hold of the tickets. The next choice was Abirami. They were showing ‘Ullam Ketkume More’. Seemed there were more than 1 heroine. Again the same fate - no tickets.

So the next hang-out would be? Spencers. I was with Pachai and his new pulsar. At somepoint in our way, Pachai took a different route and we missed the other bikes. In every signal, Pachai struggled to move the vehicle. He levers the 1st gear, raises the accelerator, releases the clutch - damn the bike halts with a jerk. The vehicles behind honked and was roaring in my ears. I understand the pains in becoming ‘Definitely Male’.
We rejoined with others at the Spencers.

Spencers is really really huge. There were shops for all kind of articles/clothing/eatables. It has been built in 3 phases and I have never seen such a mall before. There were sign-boards at every corner saying ‘MoreShops ->’ This concept of ‘more’ is related to usability. You would have noticed Google using ‘more>>’. SonyEricsson mobiles come with ‘more’ buttons.

Siva & Nal got us some milk-shakes from FoodWorld. StrawBerry-Vannila-BlackCurrent were the flavours. We sipped and sat staring at the iPod showdown in the center-place. Then we roamed - going by escalators-staircases-verandas. Pachai shopped for his biking-gear. Thangam got a pair of full-n-half sleeved t-shirts for his gym workouts. Nal too got one. Siva went traditional and got a kuruta.

Meanwhile Pradeep and Gans went in a hunt for MuthuKumar. He is our friend from the Civil Dept. When in college, he was in the nearby hostel rooms. He joined us and continued roaming. We got into LandMark - just gazed thro’ the racks. I saw a lot of crowd in tamil book sections. You cannot witness such things (not for tamil but for kannada) in B’lore. Siv got some cards for his colleagues. It was Nal’s B’Day on the next day. We took a card for him too. We then crowded near the music-cd section. The ACD of ArindhumAriyamalum is worth to own – just 65 rupees.

We came out of LandMark to see MTR IceCream parlour. Everybody wanted softies. Our hosts got them too. While I was enjoying the IceCream, to my surprise, I saw SoniaAggarwal at the nearby Scullers shop. I couldn’t believe, yes I didn’t. She was the shop girl, but looked strikingly similar. I pointed her to many of our guys, all in vain, nobody agreed. Consoled myself saying, ‘Kaakai ikku than kunju pon kunju thane’ We signed our wishes on the card we bought for Nal and gave it to him. You’ll stumble across this photo in my flickr account.

Sasi insisted on a visit to the MusicWorld. We pushed ourselves in. There were various artists, genre & lang. The music was loud and inviting. Seemed Pachai did a move, which I missed out. Many were chewing about it when we came out. There Rajini’s photograph was kept along with the other great musicians. That appeared inappropriate.

We came out of Spencers and headed towards Arvind’s house. We had to collect our baggages before we reach the station. The train to B’lore was at 9:30pm. We hurried ourselves in Arvind’s car. His dad was driving. The radio in the car was playing Suryan FM. It was Vijay’s interview for the success of Thirupaachi. Time was running short – we need to have dinner and Thangam had to meet his friend who is doing medicine and has a shift in the GH. Somehow both happened and we were in our seats. The TTR came to verify the tickets. We took our positions to sleep. B’lore came at 4:50am and woke us in the middle of our sleep.

With a content of meeting our friends, we reached home. Those 2 days went like a jiffy, Chennai guys kept us engaged. Thanks a lot ppl. Hoping to plan for more and gather frequently.

Hy’Bad would be the next - Sujai and Thenali prepare yourselves.

Saturday we (Nags, Ganesh, Gokul, Arvind, Thangam and Myself ) reached Chennai @ 7:40 am. Arvind’s Dad and Uncle came to receive us. To my surprise, Arvind’s Dad looked young and appeared much decent than KattaiArvind. Their Omni was Jam-Packed for six of us. I remember Kilpak Hospital coming on the road towards Arvind’s House. There was a Monkey doll right in the middle of their residence, hanging from the roof. But Arvind didn’t have a tail. Idly-Chuttney-Thovayal-Vadai-RagiSweet was our Breakfast. We were later joined by Nal and Pradeep. We got ourselves ready, went to Siv’s House. Pachai was there with his new Pulsar. Being a novice, we didn’t want him to drive it. So he rode as the pillion of Siva.

Then we started to speed on the ECR road. Lots of Sand came with the breeze and we were at great velocities. Gokul stood first but eventually lost air (not hair) in his front tyre. Nal got himself in getting the mechanic. In the time we waited, some went to the coastline and plunged into water. Gokul again enthusiastically took the lead. Made a good show but to an inappropriate audience. Nags went silent, straight into the waters with his clothes on. Seemed he enjoyed the confrontation with the waves. It was 1:00pm. Actually we were headed towards MGM, our late start ate the time and we had to revisit our plans.

Mayajaal was nearby so we thought of some cinema. Immediately, Nal and Siva went to check whether we could get any show. Meanwhile we got into a pure vegiee hotel and ordered meals. Thangam with an exception ordered Chappati. Filled ourselves with whatever we have ordered and moved into Mayajaal. We had booked the 1:50pm show of ArindhumAriyamalum.

For the people who have seen ‘The Forum’ and ‘B’lore Central’, Mayajaal wasn’t that exciting. The place was expensive, tickets costed Rs. 150 each. A hangout of a Kind catering the Rich-Class. The cinema hall was hardly half full. The movie had started before even we settled on our seats. The music was awesome and nothing other than this was better. The visual aspects of the movie hero seeded some confidence in Nal to pursue acting. Pradeep went cheerful whenever the Heroine was shown. Sometimes cinematography was also good. Somehow all the 15 reels of the movie rolled over and finally we could get out of Mayajaal. ArindhoAriyamalo inthap padathai paarthiraathi inga.

Then is Go-Karting. Gokul inspired everyone to Kart. Rs 100 for a 5 min ride. We went in a discussion with the Kart-keepers since not many of the people had done such a thing before. The Kart-keepers told us that evan 1st-timers can make 5 laps in 5 mins. At last, going with the wind, we took our laps. Gokul and Arvind gave us lot of thrill while Nal and Thangam showed lot of patience. In the event Ganesh got a sprain on his back and is still suffering from it. Some didn’t want to stop with just 1 round and went for the 2nd. Pradeep improved his timings and laps in the 2nd round. Gokul put-up a max of 10 laps. The Jitter and shake in the ride, took many of us down. All wanted some rest.

We went back to the same beach. Gokul didn’t loose his excitement again, but this time it was ‘U’. Even I got in to the sea. Nal and Siva stayed on the Shore. Had a good time in the waves. They became a little stronger as the evening approached. Got a nice Sophisticated-Sea-Shell for myself. But a tiny crab came along clinging to its inside. Nags insisted me to throw it back to the sea. But Gokul made him to peep outside and pulled to get rid of him. We departed from the Beach and geared-up to Ganesh’s House.

There was Dinner prepared at Ganesh’s house for both the vegies and non-vegies. Ganesh with Gokul took a direct route while others went for Arvind’s house. On the way, Thangam wished to take a look at the Tidel Park. So Nal took us in. iNautix has its office inside. The security system was tight as if it was a High-Profile-Defence establishment. Got our visitor passes and looked up to measure its height. The ouside of the Building was well lit and is glowing. Inspite of being in Chennai, not many would have gone into Tidel. We were fortunate, thanks to Nal. There were FoodCourt, Tellers, Hospital, MoneyExchange, and ofcourse offices inside. I saw a good number of girls wearing their neck tags wandering near the foodcourt. Nags got us some pizzas. Nal bought some gulfis, drinks and Jamoon. Ho God, their treat was overwhelming. In between Thangam met his friend, Gowri. He works in SCM MicroSystems. He was very influential with the office security and took us to the Development Area. Theirs was much better than ours. Nal explained us the lift system - there are lifts which’ll stop only on 7 to 12 floors and ppl to other floors need to take the correct ones. It was getting late for the Dinner, people in Ganesh’s house were waiting for us.

It became dark by the time we left Tidel. It was Ganesh’s house, bang we are there. They were watching ‘AnbeShivam’ after the food. They could’nt tolerate their appetite and ignored us for the meal. Their 5.1 system was under utilized to give out only 3.5. I noticed the same in Nal’s house. The rears of their BoomBox were placed at wrong places. Rice with Chicken Kuzhambu was served and we ate to the fullest. Then back to Arvind’s House for the night’s sleep. The AC was kept at an optimum temperature. I felt pleasant and comfortable in the Bedroom. Had a nice-sound-dreamless sleep.

Lets wait for tomorrow….

For photos of this trip, pls head-on to click


Update: Chennai Meetup - Part 2 is here.

[A deafblind (also dumb) woman who became a role model for millions of people][]. I used to wonder how Blind people manage to survive in this world. Remember Helen Keller lessons during school? Yeah! it made me to realize the feelings and minds of such people. What a sad state? Full of scourge and gruelling terror.

Helen’s own words:
> “The public must learn that the blind man is neither genius nor a > freak nor an idiot. He has a mind that can be educated, a hand which > can be trained, ambitions which it is right for him to strive to > realise, and it is the duty of the public to help him make the best of > himself so that he can win light through work.”
> ‘It gives me a deep comforting sense that things seen are temporal > and things unseen are eternal.”

Parody on Keller:
> Q: What did HK’s parent’s do to punish her?
> 1. Rearranged the furniture
> 2. Left the plunger in the toilet bowl
> 3. Put her in a round room and told her there’s a penny in the > corner
> 4. Washed her hands with soap
> 5. Gave her bird-seed to read.

[A deafblind (also dumb) woman who became a role model for millions of people]: http://www.rnib.org.uk/xpedio/groups/public/documents/publicwebsite/public_keller.hcsp


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> Why a ‘Chill’y wanna be Hot?


6 fingers

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Yesterday had turned out to a big day for me. Salary revisions for the current year happened. It was a whopping 50% straight increase. My hands count 6 fingers now. >:O) Darn excited and pleased with my employer. It was a plausible move to retain ppl within the organization. Let me watch how this money goes out of my hands every month.