It was around 11:00pm. The take-off happened towards the Arabian Sea. The machine flew on top of the coastline and then the sea. I was in ‘Under Privileged Economic Class” and positioned near the wings. Fortunately got a window seat and the window next to me became my accomplice. It suddenly veered towards the land. Now the best part of the flight came in. Mumbai sparkled like a Diamond planted Gold Jewellery. All those sodium vapour lamps threw ample lighting in the space. Adding to that were the vehicular traffic. It shinned and glittered.I was certainly excited. My heart jumped in mid-air. No casualties but.

The Thai stooged in the air. Fantastic Four was playing in the common screen. Feeling disinterested in the movie, I dozed off in my seating. Earlier, I was greated by a Thai Hostesses clad in Indian like ethnic wear. She had some rosy stain on her cheeks and wore an orchid flower. They served me rice crackers, orange juice and water. Food tagged as ‘Asian Special Vegetarian’ came in later. Dreamt about the food and people at Japan. I haven’t had such high altitude dreams before. Never dreamt of dreaming in an aircraft. The hazy pictures of the dream scared, as I was the lonely soul to travel. I slept off to wake up during the landing.

Bangkok too was beautiful from the top. But not as cute as Mumbai, owing to its Mercury lighting. The lustre was missing. ok. The Airport terminus was soaked with Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs and SriLankans. Yup! mostly South Asians. Airports have nothing like mornings and evenings, people from several time zones depart/arrive/passby. But I remember, my Biological clock compelled me for some sleep. Closed my eyes for another 3 hours in the waiting lounge.


29.12.2005  in BackTrace , WriteThings

  1. Make best use of my experience and expertise gained all thro’ these years to the benefit of the organization.
    1. Give opportunities to inspire people around, make them realize how each person is worthy to the organization.
    2. Provide chances to experiment my task delegation and project planning skills.
    3. Opportunities to Interact with customer and know what they want. I believe in the importance of Voice of Customer.
    4. Recognition in some manner, to any piece of work that is done.

As a part of the process, I was asked about the expectations of me towards my employer. Those were they. Lot of Lickings!.

Eat Dates and Earn Iron.
Sell Iron and Get back Dates.

The law states, “Dates cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed!“.

The converse is called “The Law of Conservation of Iron”.

Gullu Lollu

20.12.2005  in BackTrace

Why the *Real Estate Business* so called real?

Is it very realistic? Are there any *Faux Estate* Businesses? What the hell?

Exchanging cards with that Hen Consultant, I walked down the arrival lobby. The walls of Mumbai Airport appeared to be well polished. Infact, there were some artwork decorations. Looked much better. I was one among the brisk walking gentlemen in the lobby. Ladies were lethargic, as usual.

Clamied my baggage and seated on the waiting chairs. All my luggages lay around me. I had to inform friends from school and college. I didn’t want my travel to be a secret expedition. Was Busy in sending Telegraphic SMSes, when the guy in formal attire approached.

He: “Sir, R u waiting for International Airport?”
Me: “Hmm…. oh! Yes. Yes!”

Ho hO. I never know that I had to change the port. It didn’t strike me at all. The one I landed was domestic. The International one is about 12Km away from that place. A free shuttle service operates every 30 min for international travellers. I waited for it. The van arrived and I clinged to it.

Mumbai International Terminal was huge and less crowded. Everybody including the Port workmen, shopkeepers and the passengers spoke only Hindhi. Everytime I had to apologize for my ignorance towards that language. Sometimes they ignored what I said. Sometimes they drove me to another person to converse in English. An International Airport shouldn’t be mean towards non-Hindhi speaking Indians.

Immigration procedures ended well. I had to fly through Thai Airways to Narita, Japan via Bangkok. Felt very hungry so went around for a good eat-out. The lobbies and passways ran to long distances. I stopped near a refreshment kiosk for a Ginger Coffee. The same shop was selling Airtel Long Distance Calling Cards. Purchased one of that too.

Sipping the gingery drink, I went near to the LCD Tv that was hanging from the roof. Alas! It was showing pictures of people crying and running. There had been a major earthquake in the PoK region and BBC was covering the calamity. I was curiously watching the report, like Viktor Navorski of The Terminal.

Did that omen meant something? I didn’t care to bother. A Thai waited outside to carry me out of my தாய்நாடு (MotherLand).

James Bondu

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Why is the Bond a NOT NOT SEVEN?
> NOT (NOT (SEVEN)) = !(!(7)) =! 0

Why was he NOT-ed twice to become a ‘Non-Zero’?

Then I found it not to be a NOT but a NOUGHT.

The rain clouds were happily wetting the land. I saw the aircraft as I neared to it. “Shucks!”, I said it to myself. My inner self jumped in Joy. The Airhostess greeted me with a smile and showed my way to the seat. I got reminded of a horse whenever I saw her then. The seat wasn’t comfortable. I wondered how an Airbus can have such a seating. One of the co-pilots was a Woman. Hoh, from raising a family to riding a flight, I was pleased with their omnipresence. I stayed calm, counting the moments for take-off.

The announcements about the Take-Off came in Hindhi and English. I latched my seat belt and peeped through the window. The craft snailed to the runway and took its position. The wings along with the air propellers had to prove it again - the Bernoulli’s principle. The noise of the engine filled the cabin. I kept looking the outside for relative motion. The aircraft rolled in a jerky fashion with utmost speed. It was not worser than riding a bullock cart with a car’s engine on Bangalore roads. The jerk and the noise fadded in a brief. Damn! it was flying.

The flight propelled seeking the sky. I was headed towards Mumbai. From the top, Bangalore did not appear to be Green at all. Google Earth also confirmed this. The machine tore apart those grey clouds and then the cotton clouds. It kept climbing for quite sometime. There were occasional jerks in this time. I moved my head out of the window.

Seeing me uneasy on my seat, the lady near me pointed me to a button. I pressed and the seat leaned backwards. Aahhaa! I thanked the lady - she’s proactive. I informed her that It was my 1st time to be on Air. She was surprised to hear that. I got surprised to see her in surprise. India isn’t the land of Business and Priviledged classes. On further conversation, learnt that the female is a head hunder of a consulting firm dealing in SAP business. This high-healed, nasal speaking, regularly gaging, middle aged hen is a Mumbaikar but settled in Bangalore. Flys frequently and enjoying the Airline lunch - leading that kinda life.

The carrier had reached a considerable altitude and now flying smooth. The cabin crew plunged into action and served lunch. Nothing to boast about the food. The horse came and went. I felt a bit drowsy but complelled to look outside. It had been dark since I saw earlier. I could feel the fight descending. I prepared myself for the landing. After a bullock cart like ride, it came to a grounding halt.

9th Oct, ‘05 - the day arrived. My Dad and Mom had come to participate in the special occasion. I was busy in buying things while my folks were packing the baggage. All of a sudden, our travel co-ordinator calls me and says that my tickets were not confirmed and I have to travel via Mumbai. This Indian Airlines flight bound to Mumbai is 5.5 hrs earlier to my perv itinerary. I had to rush-up.

Everything was set right and we were in the Airport Lounge. There were numerous chicks clad in Red skirts, fishing everybody’s eyes. The Kingfisher’s crew were busy in making the Big Impression. From outside, the B’lore International Airport appeared far below to Coimbatore Airport which was 5 years before. Checked-in the baggage, got the boarding pass. The excitement was overflowing. My Parents wanted me to eat well, do good work and fly back in triumph. Tangu gave all the means to reach the Hotel from Narita, in case if the supposed person fails to pick me from Airport. There came a call for the security check and I had to depart. Went a bit emotional, controlling my senses, I said, ‘TaTa போயிடு வரங்க!‘.

The room where I was seated didn’t feel like an Airport Terminal. The walls has dirt and lost lusture. There was noise everywhere. I was thirsty and sweating. The Airport Authorities called for my class. Tthe majority of the crowd raised from their seats and moved - ‘Economics of Scale’ worked here too!.


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Asok: Anna, When will u be on a foreign trip for onsite work? It has been 3 years since u started to work.
Appa: Wait and See. Your Brother will get a stamping on his passport before the end of this year. His astro signs are to his side!

In the early of September 05’, this happened.


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*thŕattle* will experience a state of hibernation for a few weeks from now. Meanwhile keep mastigating the older posts. Will come back loud. C u fellas.