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Hell is responsible for all the Physical Tortures,
while the Heaven takes care of the Mental Tortures.
As because, Marriages are made in Heaven!

I hardly remember anything during the transit from Bangkok to Narita. But in the Narita Airport, the happennings were really interesting. I collected my baggage and was pulling it into the arrival lobby. The crowd was really huge. As I went in, the whole group neatly seperated into two: Foreigners and Japanese. How so many Japanese can travel by air, I wondered. They looked not like business men. However, I perceived them to be. Most of them had just a medium sized shoulder bag. Not like the one I had. A person sitting near the Immigration counter, opened his bag and pulled out a Slate like object. What could that be? It was a Panasonic made Laptop computer. I was so compact and thin. Immediately, I looked at mine. A Toshiba made satellite series. This Was heavier than my School bag that I carried in my 8th class.

I had to be picked-up by BB-“san(How do you use san, kun and chan?)”:http://japanese.about.com/blqow38.htm from the Airport. He is my Japanese counterpart with whom we collaborate. I was supposed to call his mobile and he’ll come and take me to the hotel. My 1st task was to exchange money. Along with a few notes, I was given a hand full of coins. They were Japanese Yen. Some coins even had holes at their centers, as similar to the “Indian Anna.(The Coins of British India)”:http://jfcampbell.us/india/george6/george6.htm With my pockets full, I went to the Public Telephone to give a call to BB-san. The telephone had an LCD interface, in which a cartoon animation was telling how to use. The text which it displayed was Japanese. I told to myself that this marks the start of my life at Japan.

There were slots for coins and I dropped in a few. Just dialed the number which he emailed me before. A voice response came in Japanese. I hung up. The coin did not come out. So I dopped in some more and dialled the same number. Again a voice response came. I couldn’t correlate whether it was the same response which came earlier. As I moved out of the telephone, someone came near asked for help; to dial a number. What an Irony? I looked around to find the information desk. I went and asked for help. On looking at the number, they pointed that it had a digit missing. I was showing them the print-out of the email which I received. I was baffled. I was travelling oversees for the 1st time and that too as a lonely soul. People around were different and acted the same way as they are. They hardly speak English, which I hardly understand. What should I do?

*Warning:* There are lot of errors in this text - Past & Present Tense confusion. Beware!


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*Let he not do whatever she dislikes and Let she not do anything that he hates to do!*

Keep aside about doing things the other likes. More than being helpful, let they not bring in disturbance and distaste.

Qes: What if the liking of one, brings disgust in another?
Ans: The liking one shall sacrifice.

Public Speaking

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* Have something interesting to say.
* Cut the sales pitch.
* Focus on entertaining.
* Understand the audience.
* Overdress.
* Don’t denigrate the competition.
* Tell stories.
* Pre-circulate with the audience.
* Speak at the start of an event.
* Ask for a small room.
* Practice and speak all the time.
thro “Let the Good Times Roll(Guy Kawasaki)”:http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/01/how_to_get_a_st.html

Back in Office, I remember those sessions on “Presentation Skills” and “Communication Skills”. I took off these:
* The initial 2-minute is the crux. This is the time where the audience starts to judge the person on the Podium and viceversa. So do something to impress.
* Introduce yourself to the extent that it creates confidence in the audience, so that they’ll listen to u.
* Understand the wants of the people who have come in. Their Experience/work/culture/know-how… etc.
* Breaking the Ice barrier. Crack a Joke. Ask a Question! Hence bring in the audience closer.
* Stand with confidence. Let the sternum face the roof and you face the audience in the middle of the crowd.
* Smile overwhelmingly! No hesitations. Show-off your teeth. Let it sparkle in the lights.
* Interrupt to break monotony. Sing a song. Give a Quote. Draw a Cartoon.
* Read the Body Language of the audience, take feedback and React.
* Modulate the voice. Chirp! When you tell a bird’s story. Squeak when it is Rat’s. Bring in that Liveliness.
* Ask closed ended questions. “Isn’t it?”, “Are you listening?”
* Never loose the eye-contact with the audience. Even If u want to pick a pen from the Back Stage or while you write on the white board.
* Practice! Practice! Practise!… Practice!… Until you perfect.

I need no a “Standing Ovation” but a “Sitting Applause”.


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* They break your working day into small, incoherent pieces on a schedule incompatible with the natural breaks in your flow
* They are normally all about words and abstract concepts, not real things (like a piece of code or a screen of design)
* They usually contain an abysmal low amount of information conveyed per minute
* They often contain at least one moron that inevitably get his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense
* They drift off subject easier than a rear-wheel driven Chicago cab in heavy snow
* They frequently have agendas so vague nobody is really sure what its about
* They require thorough preparation that people rarely do anyway
thro: “37Signals (Meetings considered harmful)”:http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/meetings_considered_harmful.php

*My Version*:
* Let the meetings be brief.
* Let the attendees come on Time.
* May someone minute it and share it.
* Let it start & end well within the work hours.
* Let the knowledgeble people speak.
* Let there be no training in meetings.
* Let there not be blabber/silence/chit-chat/monologue.

*Update*: “You still want meetings. Here’s how to make them useful! (37Signals)”:http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/you_still_want_meetings_heres_how_to_make_them_useful.php - New from 37Signals

New Attire

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Now thŕattle has
* the latest avaliable WordPress
* turned green
* got merged with ScreamCast (old blog of mine, hosted with Blogger)
* gets ready for Web2.0
* looks for related posts

Yup! The Spring is on its way.


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The more insecure, the more rewarding it is.
Src: Bits to Lisp

Is this guy sane/insane?

No Goals yet

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I was on a mountain peak, sitting and thinking of something. If it was not something, it would be someotherthing. As time went on, the valleys and the forest below went inundated. As my thoughts were water droplets, this happened. I showed no reaction, but to allow the water to fill-up. I was surrounded by nothing but water. The water did not show the mirror image of the sky but reflected everything that went in my mind. I know I was hungry, but still did no effort to catch those fishes living in the water. Ofcourse, the water was fertile enough to rear such fish. Fish like usable & meaningful thoughts did occured to me. I was not prepared for the catch, no nets & no baits. Infact, no thoughts to catch fish. Instead, there were thoughts that brought in more water. Water collected and percolated. The hunger didn’t bother me. Nor the scare of drowning. I cud have built a boat and hunted for fish. Nothing I did.

For these many years, this is how, I was. Dreaming about things. Thinking a lot. Building castles in air. No Action plans. Procrastinating. Lethargic. Let this 06’ NOT be that way. Welcome 06’!

IFAQ Update:
Why did u go to a peak?
Thoughts creep in when the mind is solitary. When disengaged from other minds. One need not be physically alone. So felt a mountain peak would be an ideal place to depict the situation.

Why were u hungry?
Ya, sat and thought for an umpteen years. Did nothing to satisfy myself. Never thought of catching fish in the nearby waters. Isn’t it natural to get that hunger?

What are u upto?
Thinking about building boats and catching fish.

Is there a skill to execute?
Hope so. Need to wet my hands. Will tell u soon.


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Qes: If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?
Ans: Cannibals need not dress-up. Flesh for Flesh. >:O)

Question courtesy www.blogger.com