Wikipedia says, “An entrepreneur is someone who organizes a system to create a product or service in order to gain profit.”

Profit isn’t the goal of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a karma for a good cause. It is a skill to execute one’s passion of becoming one. I wish everyone including me has to experience the feel of Entrepreneurship. Thanks to Satheesh & other friends for adding wood to the fire. Let’s start right away.

Start-up Starters is a collection of weblogs of entrepreneurs who are originally from India. more>>

Update: In case you would like to contribute, contact me.

Just thinking of becoming a Crorepati by 33 yrs of my age… for that how much i need to invest now….?
u got some kind of software or xl sheet where i cud input my investment amount, rate of interest, and yrly incremental principal, etc..etc.. which will give back the projected amount after say N yrs???

Gones today came with this question. Becoming a Crorepati when one always awaits for the 1st of every month? Mission Impossible!

  • Strictly follow the *subject* of this email thread. (It was *RE: Shun IPO’s*)
  • Where is a FamilyPlan(ning) there is a Greater Gain. Read it again - This is Painful Saving.
  • Never cut ur Hair. S(h)aving a penny today is saving many for tomorrow - This is Painless Saving.
  • Dig your backyard for possible treasures. Diamonds form due to pressure. Ya! Pressures cause Treasures.
  • Switch your job to some construction company in Afganistan. U’ll be insured for crores.
  • Add a -hack code- in the mobile software you write. Every time when a mobile carrying ur software (which is very rare) is used for a bank transaction, let it drop a dollar to ur swiss account.
  • Plan a trip to space (americans are allowing) & never get ur tickets. U’ll save a hell.

I wrote back this to him assuming that it is seriously impossible to collect 100 lacs. Ya! I thought that we lack.

But he said:
> by investing 2lakhs every year, expecting 25% gain per year which is > realistic and additional investment of 25000 every year (which is also > realistic looking at our current salary and no personal > responsibilities) we can be Crorepati in 10 yrs isnt this eqn simple.

When I calculated, to my surprise it accounted to 91,19,548 @ the end of 10th Year. SabashPathi is a SurePathi! - I lauded.

BTW, Gullu came up saying that 25% annual returns isn’t realistic & suggested it to be 15%. With this sheet he says a 35,886 rupees every month is determined to make you a Crorepathi. Thanks to Crorepathi shows for the inspiration it had created.

I did a software upgrade of my Motorola E398 as per information given in these sites:
- -

Now the phone is little more responsive, has video recording, iTunes, newer skins, can store more text messages, new Java applications & voice recording. All these features depend on the package which you choose to upgrade.

Try it out. Its purely safe. Happy motomodding!

Update #0: The battery runs out a little fast. I guess thats the compromise that we need to take for its features. Also be aware that such software-tampering isn’t supported by Motorola.

Not an Oxymoron

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Qus: What is the opposite of StillPicture?
Ans: MovingVideo!


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All Blackmails are SPAM.
Obviously, its senders shall be Backlisted.

Chicken Pox

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Qus: What is the direct effect of Chicken Pox?
Ans: God saved all chickens with it.

Qus: Hmm. Then, what is its indirect effect?
Ans: Prevents sickness due to Small Pox.

Cater Water

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Our mother earth is filled with 3/4th of water. A new born has a similar amount of water. Survival can be without food but not without water. These are some remainders of nature that utter the importance of water. It has also cures for some of the worldly diseases.

Right from college I have been taking water in excesss. Specially in the early hours of the day. Cold & fever never bothered to spoil me. I donno about apples but 1 litre of water a day keeps the doctor away. Get some advice here.

Fact: Girls have less of water comparing boys. Fat fills them to compensate.
Ques: Hoo! Then how come girls have so much of tears to shed?

X Factor

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what is X?
- It is a mystery. - Represents an opposite entity. - Unknown variable. - Can multiply with it. - A cross product. - A symbol used in “Match the following”. - Denotes “No Stopping” – when enclosed in a circle. - A linkage. - In general, says “No” to everything – No smoking, No left-turn,… - A lot can happen over m X w - An Interse?tion. - Someone crossing someone’s way. - ABCD…..WXY…..Z – There is a Y (why) following immediately after X! X is troublesome.

Stomach Speaks

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Late-night expressions in Office premises:

A full Cold coffee or a half Soft drink
will certainly be filling
but a solid snack of some sort
would be very much fulfilling!


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This book hopes to follow in the footsteps of Edison and Da Vinci and motivate you to write down all your ideas. Make sure you do! Jot your idea down even if you think it is a mediocre one. Who knows? Sometime in the future you may develop a couple of roughly-written thoughts into a brilliant idea!
Src: “":

Much before I read this, I had started to maintain one for me. Earlier I was writing on paper, now its all online. Putting down all such intuitive thoughts on the internet becomes very handy when I want to refer from elsewhere. But such a list is strictly for private use only. Ok. Could you guess the tag I use to classify them?