Those Big players brands has have not always been my favourites. The Bold ones are:
- Intel/AMD - NVidia/ATI - Windows/Linux - Colgate/Pepsodent - Hamam/Dove - MasalaDasai/GheeDosai - SunTV/VijayTV - Titan/Timex - SaravanaBhavan/IdlyKadai - Nokia/Motorola - Blogspot/ - IE/Firefox - AllenSolly/AlanPaine - Yahoo/Google - IBM/Toshiba

More later! >:O)


12.09.2006  in EnThamizh

வாழ்க்கை - எல்லாம் கையில், வாயில் அல்லவே!
வாயிலாயின் அது மளிகை, விழுங்கலாயிற்றே!
விழுவதென்றால் காலால் தான், கையினால் அல்ல!
உன் கையில், உன் வாழ்க்கை - கைவிடாதே!

கையினில்தானே உள்ளது கற்றதனைத்தும்? வாழ்க்கை உட்பட?
அட பின், கற்றதனைத்தும் கைம்மண்ணோ? - கழுவிவிடாதே!

வீழ்ந்தாலும் அடி, வாழ்ந்தாலும் அடி,
அடி மேல் அடியடித்து ஆனது யார் பொடி?
பொடியானதும் போடி என்பாயோ?
அல்ல, பொடி சொன்னதும் போய்விடுவாளோ?
வாழ்க்கை - எல்லாம் கையில், வாயில் அல்லவே!

Satheesh wrote about his [friend’s binary watch][]. I too saw another crappy watch in Hyderabad Cenrtal - it has minutes on the x-axis & hours on the y-axis. There are perpendicular lines that intersect these axes. Their intercepts denote the time of the day. There is a side-button which on press, gives a digital-time in numeric form.

I have one more idea of representing time - rather simple - have an array of 5x12 LEDs (SMD types), capable of displaying RGB. where: - R - denotes hour of the day - G - denotes minute of the day - B - denotes second of the day

At 1:15 am, LED[0][0] glows in RED (hour) & LED[2][4] glows in GREEN (minute)

At 10:08 am, LED[1][4] glows in RED (hour) & LED[1][2] glows in GREEN (minute)

At 05:00 pm, LED[3][2] glows in RED (hour) & LED[11][4] glows in GREEN (minute)

At 12:00 pm, LED[3][2] glows in RED (hour) & LED[11][4] glows in GREEN (minute)

At 12:00 am, LED[11][4] glows in both RED (hour) & GREEN (minute) - giving a REDdish GREEn lOOk.

There shall also be a blinking & moving BLUE light - jumping to the successive LEDs - denoting the second of the day. Racing Blue - wouldn’t be cool?

Being Busy

26.08.2006  in IntelliSparks

Evhead says,
> Being too busy is not good. Having some buffer time increases quality, > responsiveness, creativity, endurance, and enjoyment.

I guess he remarked about my favourite quote!

Sudamal vizhi

25.08.2006  in FunFrolic

A few incidences with the song “suttum vizhi” from Ghajini:

  • One person wrote the verses of this song (with modifications) to his/her love.
  • Another changed his/her mobi’s “hellotune” to this song.
  • Yet another person recoded (changed bitrate) the audio of this song such that it gets played in his/her mobi.
  • One notable guy went a bit further to pull in the video of this song to his mobi.
  • In He/She episodes, when the guy asked the girl to sing a song, she starts, “Suttum vizhi chudare …”

I donno, whats so hot abt it? It happens only with Love, I guess! Between, Ghajini Mohamed made 17 unsuccessful invasions to India. Would this be an inspiration for all the valentines out there?

ok. Cya. kaN vizhithu soppanam kaNdaen, hey suttum vizhi …

Update #0: In an unrelated note, Bharathiyarwrote, “சுட்டும் விழி சுடர்தான் கண்ணம்மா - சூரிய சந்திரரோ!”

Bhuvans’s post had triggered an array of past memories. Yeah! Its an array with no bounds checking. Lots & Lots.

It was in 2002, I had to face a panel of 3 guys & 2 ladies for the job interview. 2 guys in 3 are Japanese and 1 of the ladies is a HR. I was interviewed for the job of an engineer at SoCrates.

After a bunch of usual questions, the lady who was not the HR asked about my expectations of me towards the company. From having a conducive environment to challenging work to recognition, I told everything that I felt. The HR leaned towards me, intercepted and asked what I meant by “Recognition”.

I felt a little nervous, as her body-language changed drastically as if to hurt me. I answered her that recognition is about identifying & acknowledging the good work I do, which’ll be a motivation for my continued contribution. Before I could gasp some breath after answering, the HR just instantantly asked what I’ll do when my project manager simply ignores my work & ceases to recognize. I haven’t thought about such things before. I had no answer. I blanched. I kept looking at her eyes. All the noise around me heard a bit louder. My heart marked its presence. Noone spoke & silence prevailed. Damn. I thought I lost the job for going blank.

I took my eyes off, adjusted to focus the whole panel before me & said, “If that is the case, I’ll quit the company & I’ll start my own!“.

After a month, my mom recevied the appointment letter from a courier guy, asking me to report to work on Aug 5th, 2002.

I still feel that answer was bold & it reflected my sub-conscious mind. Hope the good times are ahead.

Name speaks

16.08.2006  in FunFrolic

Somnath ‘Chatter’jee
Speaker, Lok Sabha.

The Lok Sabha had elected the right person as its Speaker. Kudos.

Translate this

14.08.2006  in FunFrolic

Conversation in a Consulate:
> Supervisor: Sheela, Can you ask that translation facilator to come > over?
> Sheela: Innanga Madam? (What Madam?)
> Supervisor: Illa, antha translation aala konjam varachsollunga. > (Tamil version of the prev sentence)
> Sheela: Okinga Madam!

V Can B

07.08.2006  in FunFrolic , IntelliSparks

What can be V?
- Sounds to be collective. Single, visually.
- Obviously, Victory. Hitler & History can speak about it.
- An arrow towards gravity. Shows downside. - Its SmallCap. Both capital & small of ‘V’ is just ‘v’. - 2 leaf foliage. ADMK. - Goes as the lower part of an arrow, allowing it to dock to the bow. It shall be a facilitator or a launchpad.
- All nozzles, funnel tips, tap ends are V. Its an EndPoint.
- ‘V’ can do things better what ‘U’ can’t even do!
- When topped by a sleeping line, represents Family Planning. Any further thoughts?
- An anchor, pulling the audience attention.
- Unifies Vishu, Vietnam, Visual Studio, Virus, Virgin, V????a, … Vendetta, Villan. All disturbances.
- Is pointed & might hurt. So used in the design of knifes, arrows, swords, missiles, … It is the Terminator.
- ‘A’ line & a reflection is ‘A’. ‘V’ is the basis of ‘A’, the sound of all languages. - ‘U’ & ‘V’ can clean water. - ‘V’ can’t be friends as the lines flare out. But a double ‘V’ can be.
- >:O) Its my head!

Update #0: What can be X? & M-W are related to this.

Book Stolen

27.07.2006  in FunFrolic

One of my colleagues had sent this email to me:
> I have lost or forgot the below book at some one’s desk few months > back (or some one borrowed from me, I don’t really remember …) If > any one finds the same, please return it to me or Deepa at reception.

I think, the culprit had hacked into my colleague’s desk or exploited the trait of my colleague’s forgetfulness to loot the book. He has the knack of performing such an art.

Now read the title of the book again. >:O)