1. Hair raising ideas. 2. Man - Machine - Mind 3. Ideas as perceived. 4. Ideas under limelight, under purview. 5. Bald Man, Bright Brain.


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It goes by the name “Tamilnadu Thiraippada Iyakkam” (Chennai film society, roughly). The best part is that they show movies in the ultra-famed Satyam Theatre, and, hold your breath… the yearly membership fee is 400 Rs. They promise to show at least about 50 rare foreign language (mostly non-English) movies, which works out to Rs. 8 for a weekend movie in an awesome theatre.
Src: Film lovers in Chennai, listen up!

Appu, are you in Chennai & interested in watching films? You gotto read this.

Film clubs are related to me, very much. When in college hostel, I used to run an un-official CD (VCD) club. >:O) Collecting money from movie buffs, renting CDs, notifiying all the subscribers about the rented movie, letting people to watch these movies in my PC, distributing MPEGAV folders to other HardDrives & returning the rented CDs are all part of the job. Generally the movies will be screened at nights. While I watch them, I scarcely follow the dialogues & accents; many-a-times I interrupt the “Englispeechers” to findout what the dialogue was or what they actually meant. Also, I get asleep very early. Its a sort of irony when everybody watches the movie, I go to sleep. But, I wake up next morning a little early to watch the movie with headphones on. >:O)

Its only the Film Club in my college which showed me “Basic Instinct”. Basically, it created an Instinct towards movie clubs. Then on, I always get cheered about Film clubs; like this. >:O)


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1) Christian Bale, Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins.
2) Brandon Routh, Clark Kent, Superman Returns.
3) Paul Jacobs, CEO, Qualcomm.
Do you see something common among these men?

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Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting before you the “Ideatŕon Ideaxtŕeam”.

Its one kinda of my experimentation. A long time thought that got thrashed out earlier, now received a page fault & here we go, its right there in the cache. Hope there are related & frequent fetches.

Update #0: Note the name change. Modified to be unique to some extent.


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1. Couple-de-Couple Theorem:

A couple of people saying themselves as couples, copulate to produce a couple* of people.

You might ask; What does “de-couple” had to do here?
Well! You may consider Newton’s 3rd law of reciprocal actions, which explains the essence of life. Hence the name.

* The results may vary! >:O)

2. Woman Demystified:

A Man goes to find, what a Woman is all about. He encounters “W” first, then “O” & then finds himself. He comes out to say* a “W” & a “O” makes a Woman.

You might ask; Why can’t be she be a “Moman” instead, it shouldn’t be confusing as long as the shapes match?
Yep! But Men are generally taller than Women, hence they are “Women”. If Women are taller, they would have been termed as “Momen”. (An introduction to Engineering Drawing might help to understand this.)

* As a result of his remarks, the woman goes in a state of wo. To deprive from it he goes in to “woo” her! Happy ending! Isn’t it? >:O)

Bob meets his Project Lead Bunny at the entrance of the Urinal. They both acknowledge each other with a smile. Bob leaves & Bunny gets in. Something pops out in Bunny’s mind & he hurries to drain himself. He then rushes to his PC (computer) to check for any memory leaks in the code written by Bob.

Witnessing the whole incident, God wonders what has happened to Bunny. Can you help the God? >:O) You have 2 more days to give a reason. (please comment your answers)

** Update #0**:

Ganesh got it right. He is absolutely incredible. See this comment. He has the skill of predicting what I think. (I remember the “RememberTheMilk” incident!) Kudos.

If I was asked the same question, I would have reasoned like this:
Bunny noticed a little wetness in Bob’s pants when they met. He then looked at Bob’s face to see him smile. He gave a return smile & departed. The wetness in Bob’s pants is due to a splash of water when he washed his hands. But Bunny thought otherwise, he assumed the wetness is due to *leak*. Later he linked this leak to the memory leak. He thought if Bob could leak this, he could leak that as well (Bloody u Bunny). He hurries to drain himself; in the process he *wets* himself. >:O)

Life Math

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  • A Division ceases Multiplication, stops Addition & leads to Subtraction. A Prime being doesn’t suffer this.
  • Life works with just 2 numbers - a 0 & a 1.

  • Ranjhith, 2006 AD.

American Trash

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I have a few observations in relation to this:
- People here keep eating something or the other. I could see people waiting in the Airport lounges with StarBucks cups or wrapped HamBurgers or cookies or HotDog sandwiches. Chicago’s O’Hare airport sells 2M HotDogs every year. Thats 5480 HotDogs a day. And this is “just” HotDogs. Tell me why would anybody who’s in an AirPort would want to eat? Every eatable comes with its own trash. - All corporations have all sorts vending machines in their campuses. Machines that stock cookies, drinks, chocolates & water. More the people eat, more the trash. - The toilets here are “Dry”. There is water just to flush the basin but not to clean-up your own dirt. So people use reams & reams of toilet paper to wipe-out the last remains. You have problems even when you “just” pee. There aren’t hand driers. Again paper comes in your way. - Every damn thing is packed. The wooden spoon which is given when you buy a icecream is packed. Even a pinch of salt & pepper is well packed. - When you buy a sandwich they give so many tissue papers that you can keep for other uses. Would atleast last for a week. - Also, the people who get their food parcelled outnumber people who sit & eat. - I’m In my hotel dining hall, all plates, cups & bowls are made out of disposable plastic. Even the kinfe knife & fork are in plastic.

Trash those Trash. Crush & Curb, or you’ll Crash!

Update #0: Corrected spell & sentence errors.

Satheesh wonders asking:
Is it crime to marry the girl whom you loved?

Yes. It is a crime for which you’ll be punished with a “life” sentence. >:O) (fun only answer)

My way of asking this question, moving it from a specific case to a thŕattled case:
Is it a crime for X to marry Y with whom X is in love? (Y is Male & X is Female, just as their chromosomes!)

Yes for Y. Its a crime for Y, with whom X is in love, to marry X with whom Y isn’t in love! Simple! Ok. What if marriage happens? The answer becomes complex. Simple again!

Yeah! Falling in Love is a crime, as it involves stealing each other’s hearts. >:O) If one isn’t too comfortable in loosing his/her heart, he/she takes back from her/him. If both give back what they stole, the case is closed & the love is dissolved. If one takes back & the other doesn’t, there is a twist in the crime. Now, who is the Criminal? Is it the Taker? Or the Looser?

Well. I say both are criminals. The Taker is charged with “giving & taking”. The Looser is charged with “accepting & refusing to accept”. The trial continues! >:O)

Man is God

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What EH says is something like this:

Man created the god. Man offered shelter, clothing & food to god. Man is the father of god, as he christened them with names. He is the caretaker & guardian. Man made god to thrive in this world. The craze for god is created by Man’s grace. Man doesn’t kill any god. Man is mercy. Man made this world to praise god. Shudn’t it be the god who has to worship Man?

Update #0: EH worries said that I didn’t understand properly & its better to ask for explanation than to assume. This is how I have understood & written consequently. Afterall, god is nothing but a Man’s understanding of being super-human.