This girl woke-up early today. Took a warm shower & clad a new dress. She knew how big this day is. This is the day, to stop & gasp for breath, she thought. To take account of all her activities, her accomplishments! Her failures, her successes! Her learnings, her experiences! To relish every moment that passed away. To munch every sorrow & joyous instances!

“Wow! Thats a lot to think & dream about!” she said to herself. Its been 12:00 pm, she didn’t know. Not having a watch & no body else to ask; she is on her way of life. “Whats more to achieve?”, she questioned & gestured to look further. The sea wind breezed thro’ her long hair, as if welcoming her act.

“There’s a lot of distance to cross. The new Sun today, just reminds that!“, she just realized.
Wishing you a Happy, Prosperous & a Great New Year!

Friends/Fellow Bloggers & Bloggies/Casual Readers/Well-wishers; 7 cheers to everybody, take care! >:O)

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What does it take to make a person an Engineer? Going by the general crowd of Indian engineers, who have mostly sunken their careers in software development & other related services; here is what you’ll get:
- He studied Bachelors in Engineering. - His designation is being a Software Engineer. - Probably, his work is into developing a Game Engine.

(considering the fact that “Behind every man there is a Woman”, a “He/His” here also means “She/Her”)

Is that all? You may wonder! But, Yes! Its just these.

As Gones points out to Wikipedia for a definition,
> “Engineers use creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge to > solve practical problems.”

Sounds cool! It should be great to be an engineer, I suppose, but not as a SW engineer! Can somebody share with me, whether we (SW engineers) solve practical problems by applying “creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge”? Bull. We (atleast, I) don’t. I use creativity in commenting code, to give out “pleasant” debug messages & in naming the functions. I use technology such as internet to dig for knowhow & blogs such as these to rant, a while. I apply my scientific knowledge to enjoy some science fictions & nothing else. <:o(

Under the section “Lists of notable engineers by discipline”, there is no mention of “Software Engineers”! Yeah! We are not that sginificant. We do no better job than the construction engineer, who builds a ghat road across the valley. He might have considered the centripetal & centrifugal forces to design the steep curves turns. We have to submit ourselves to an aerospace enginner, who designs the slat mechnanism for an AirBus wing. He sees the air velocity, temperature, humidity, metal tensile strength, etc to design that little groove. Man, you might want to rewind to your memories of your old school days; when your class miss told you about Newton, who found the apples falling to be intriguing!.

We are no life savers & do no mission critical jobs. But, we have deep pockets, prefer SMS over a talk, do some adventures by tasting varied cusine & burden the soceity with rise in prices. Time hasn’t come yet, for people to repent for their careers. Life goes on, until we cease to exist.

The Net

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A few thoughts:
- The Internet isn’t the “World Wide” Web. It is a CyberVillage. - Here the time to reach anyone is nearly ‘0’. Its the information “SuperHighWay” with no speed limits. - A village where the house numbers can be 12 digits & seperated by 4 3 dots. The panchayat has plans to increase the number of digits. - An equal or more number of non-humans live in this village. No animals & No aliens. - No plants & No trees! So, no global warming. There can only be global “warnings”. - Not everybody sleeps in the same time. There is atleast one to chat at any point in time. - Be Rich or Poor, the only access is thro’ http/https. - A Netizen can be - a Scientist, a Doctor, a 6 year old, a WebCam, a Terrorist, a Paedophile, a Seeder, a Student, a Spider, a Spammer, a Refirigerator, an Uncle, an Anonymous Coward … - You need not be “you”, always. You can be me. Yes, Internet is the place to clone. A place where “Multiple Personality Disorders” can be widely seen. - You can make comments on the kolam (rangoli) made by a girl or on the girl itself! Nobody can bash you for “Eve” teasing/pleasing. They can just only “ignore”. - Its a play-ground, where people play “safe”. Ofcourse, there are spectators; who are contender themselves.

Where am I?

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SPiKE writes:
> Its a bright sunny morning. Both the sky & the water below are blue > today. The sea is calm but for the noise from our hovercraft. Should > be about 30 minutes, since we started. The dull monotonous noise > changed in pitch, faded & the craft halted. A flock of seagulls flew > past me. Its more calm now than before. I heard the sound of gushing > water, may be from a whale & a few screeches here & there. I perceived > & imagined things a lot more today. I guess, I’m right mostly! The > people around me got ready for the test. I’m able to see, now. The so > called captain of the craft uttered in a clear voice, “Jump, my boy! > Swim for your life!”
> Another guy in the group saw me jumping into the water. he offered no > help, nor do I want it. I’m not scared. I know swimming. I have > participated in marathon swimming competitions. Its all fun & this is > just another. I immersed to wet myself completely & turned around to > take account of the situaton. I didn’t know where I’m, I was > blind-folded right from the start. I was keenly following the > direction with the sounds from the ariplanes airplanes that > took-off & oil vessels that were perched. I knew that there is a Navy > Corps Academy in the bay area & also a few oil sites nearby. But now, > I’m past all these. Where am I?

Hey, I couldn’t read/quote anymore of SPiKE’s adventures. I’m stopping here. He is a loafer, you know!

PS: SPiKE is just another person in me. >:O)

You & me met the other day. You spoke a lot abt ur GF & this is the conversation we had:
> What if my GF wants me to commit myself before even I could get a > glimpse of her?

Its just like accepting God, before you realize him.
> What if my GF wants me to appreciate her beauty?

Consider that her waist is not more than an extra 10” & her skin is not ultra-pitch-black.
> What if my GF wants me to listen diligently, everytime she wisphers > over phone?

Blame only the Telecom provider when you could hear hardly anything.
> What if my GF wants me to send an SMS saying “GoodNight!” for every > night that falls? Also, there’ll be a question when the accompanying > sentence, “Sleep well” goes missing!

Reply her with “Sweet Dreams!”
> What if my GF wants me to tell that “I love her” after every meal?

Even if you are fasting for a day, do your duty!
> What if my GF wants me to go undisturbed, whenever a voluptuous lady > passby?

Tell her that your only intention is to see her cross the road with no hassles, as she is blind!
> What if my GF wants me to stay calm, whenever she turns weird?

You may want to assume that she is in the middle of her sleep & some wild witch is playing her dreams.
> What if my GF wants me to disconnect the call, without saying “bye”.

This isn’t an FTP connection which terminates on a “bye”! Tell her that it is “GoodBye” & time hasn’t ripen yet for you to tell.
> What if my GF doesn’t acknowledge that guys with Aishwarya like > GFs are gifted in some way?

May be she understands the ill-fate of such guys loosing their Aishwarya like GFs to Abhishek like BFs!
> What if my GF wants me to respond to every call/SMS she makes, however > busy I’m?

Inform your manager & co-workers about your GF & make sure that they allocate a task in the MPP for you to respond to ur GF during work.
> What if my GF wants me to promise on her name, that I won’t ever bring > any other girl to the position of hers?

Ask for a proof that the existing candidate is highly qualified & works for it!
> What if my GF wants me to cool off, when she gives a date & threatens > to kill herself on that date?

You had to plead Mr. Sun God to sleep-off that particular day. You’ll loose a day in ur lifetime, but never mind.
> What if my GF wants me to think good, even when she says that I’m > being dumped in a dustbin near her?

Got to be happy for a new shelter!
> What if my GF wants me to give different answers, whenever she asks > the same question?

You cannot bring boredom to yourself by giving the same answers; you got to be creative, you know?
> What if my GF wants me to mind nothing; whatever she says, however she > is & whatever she does?

“Who cares”, is the best attitude! Free your mind; Free your body!
> What if my GF keeps quarrelling for the nth time, when there were > (n-1) warnings already given?

Assume that her counters doesn’t work because they were never used.
> What if my GF wants me to put myself in her shoes, when she doesn’t > even mind what the size of my shoe is?

May be she is confused of US/UK/Korea shoe standards. Educate her.
> What if my GF wants me to have overwhelming affection & warmth, when > she has more of a desire than of a love towards me?

Ask her to sign a business agreement, explain her about your idea, funding, targets, etc & finally your “venture termination” clauses & procedures.
> What if my GF wants me to believe & hope for the best, when she keeps > proving a not-so-good story.

Get inspiration from romantic movies with happy endings & keep watching the climax several times a day.
> Assume that you have a GF & what if she is like my GF? >:O)

Hey, bullshit! One should be a half-baked crazy nut to follow that crappy cow. Where is she?


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“அதிகமா ஆசைப்படர ஆம்புளயும், அதிகமா கோபப்படுர பொம்பளையும் நல்லா வாழ்ந்ததா சரித்திரமே இல்ல!”
“There’s no history of a greedy man or an angry woman leading a prosperous good life!”

Padayappa (Rajinikanth) tells this to Nilambari (Ramya Krishnan) in the movie Padayappa. Whats with the case of an angry man & a greedy woman, would the situation be much worser?

“God created wine and women, so that man could atleast own one” - Anonymous. (as said here.)

Man created wine so that he can own it when he looses trust with God & women. >:O) Its Winter now & talking about Wine is relevant.

This is the Tarot Card for me. Want one for u? Take the test here.


You are The Sun.

Happiness, Content, Joy. The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon’s Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

Infection is from Nirek.

Time to marry

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  • Your hair follicles gets weak & still keeps obeying gravity every day. It seems like Autumn in your head, while everybody else around you feels like summer.
  • You see new glimpses of silver lines when you comb & you rush to your mom telling about the discovery.
  • The old grannies start to grumble always about their oncoming funeral whenever you go near them.
  • Aunties hunting for you to host a dinner, of-course to relish the delicacies prepared by their one & only daughters who are supposedly beautiful.
  • You being invited to celebrate the 1st birthday your classmate’s baby. Or much worser, you being asked to pick-up an application form from a nearby school to admit your collegemate’s son.
  • You stare at a thick bright yellow string around your colleague’s neck.
  • You being moved by the distance between 2 people to the front of you in a cinema hall.
  • When in a bus when the conductor asks to push in, you were able to push the person ahead of you with your belly.

All these are the signs that hint you about your time to get married. You bump on a person who turns on your attention, instantly. And because of all those hinting, you turn so desperate for a marriage. What do you want to do? Here is a set of questions you need to shoot across.
1. R u married?
2. Is there somebody to marry u?
3. ILU! Will you to marry me?

The results are not guaranteed & this is only a reference. But u’ll be almost succesful, when the answer to the 1st two is a “No”. All the Best. >:O)

a) honey.tree@gmail.com
b) honey_tree@yahoo.com

Its only gmail that 1st offered addresses that are seperated by dots. Yahoo came in later.

Ok. Which looks/reads better? I think it is a) what do u?