Starting from this decade, the Mars gets it a lot quicker, while the Venus gets it a little late!

What is it? >:O)

(Do comment; Will update this post, a day after!) - Updated!

Well! “It” is “Marriage” - No one got it!! Sad!

Considering men to be from mars & women from venus, I think, their timings of getting married got varied these days. In the sense, men get an early marriage, while the women get it late. Myself & my roomie had some discussion about this.

Men because of getting high-paid jobs & financial freedom, tend to settle early in life. They seek for marriage, as thats the only thing that seem to be pending!! Lower interest rates & ease of availability of Home Loans well served to be the catalysts. A car, a house, some bank balance, a foreign return, good earning capacity - all these occur a little early in a Man’s world. You’ll see a missing item here - a Good girl. >:O)

Women on the other hand, are the now torch-bearers of the family. Many have started to work, they too get paid well, financial freedom comes at ease. Socially, a working woman is well received. Women go out a lot more today & they are well informed. They seem to chase careers & knowledge. Marriage seems to be unimportant until they receive a 50K salary.

A 26 year old woman getting married is very common, nowadays. So as to for a 25 year old man. This won’t be the case a couple of decades ago - a 22 for a Woman & a 29 for a Man; would be the ages of knots.

Okie. Unloosening the horses, we’ll do some creative stuff! >:O) Ever thought of why John Gray chose Mars & Venus to describe Men & Women in several of his publications? Why not Mercury & Neptune? Here are the reasons:
- In Greek mythology Mars is the god of War. So used to represent Men. Venus is the Godess of Love & Beauty. Hence, Women. - Mars & Venus are are the closest planets to Earth. Yep! Our Earth is in the middle of them, like a Nandhi. Mars & Venus are as such, inhospitable (lifeless). But when they come close, I mean as in marriage, they become hospitable (life). If they had to come close, they had to end-up in Earth, where life enjoys birth! I would say that Mars & Venus came close to Earth to bring life into existence. >:O) - Venus is generally mistaken to be a “Star (evening)” because of the “attention” it gets by reflecting a lot of light. I guess its yellow, as in Turmeric. All of the Womankind. - Mars is seen as a Red planet. Red as in Aggression. The trait of Manhood. By the way, it has two tiny natural moons!! (Venus doesn’t have any!!)

Do you have a say? >:O)

Dream Tag

22.01.2007  in BackTrace , FunFrolic

I have always believed in the words of our honorable President, “Dream, dream, dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into actions!

I donno whether I put some effort to conduct & transfrom these dreams. But I believe that dreams, somehow, will come true, provided that these are kept dreamt upon.

When in school, our chemistry miss utters a question & points to someone to answer. I dreamt of answering all the questions whenever she asks me. It became true. When I donno the answer, the question never comes to me. While in college, when I didn’t get a job, I dreamt of withdrawing money from an ATM in Bangalore. I even dreamt of hitting hard with a knife, the floor to the entrance of our Placement Office, as soon as I get placed. I dreamt of it all the time, religiously! Eventually, It became true, but not the hitting one. >:O)

Okie. I’m kinda never been tagged nor I did tagged someone. But, tagging is lot fun within the Blog-o-sphere. You can very well ask things that you wanna know about the person, by tagging him/her. >:O) Well, this day Ponnarasi did the “Tell me your dream” tag to me. Yep, with a guideline of “one should’nt write about a dream that you think might come true in future :D”! This one has a lot of “strings”
attached. >:O)

Mine is mostly daydreams. Can’t publicize things out of Daydreaming >:O) So we’ll talk about dreams at sleep. These kinda dreams are short lived, hence volatile. The moment you rise from bed, even if it is a “really” good dream, you would have forgotten it. But there is one, that ceases to go-off from my memory, it is a sort of torture technique.
> I’m taken into a chamber for someone to torture. The roof & the walls > of this chamber are collapsible. They can be moved inwards to really > crush the person inside. I’m tied in the middle of the chamber & > everybody goes out. The ordeal starts. The roof & the walls are coming > closer. I have some power of shrinking myself. Unlike in the movie, > “Honey, I shrunk the kids”, I can do it for myself - something > like an X-Men inspired super-power. So I > shrink myself a little. The walls & the roof creaked & grumbled. But > they still move to crush me. I shrinked myself again. The walls & the > roof seem never to stop. I shrinked further again. But wasn’t > helpful.
> The air got pressurised & became very dense. I found it hard to > pull-in air, my lungs have swollen. You can’t listen to my heart, it > is pounding hard. I was in a very very pathetic state. The walls & the > roof have now touched me. They still continue to push me from all > sides. I kept myself to shirnk. I was hoping for a point that the roof > & the walls get locked each other & stop. I could escape then. But > that never happened. It pressed me harder & harder. I’m now past my > limits of survival. The walls & the roof, left me no hopes.

Its should be really sad to die like that! I, wake-up everytime after this horrifying dream & take some water to subside the terror. Man, in the middle of night; its bloody scary. I used to get this dream for almost an year back. Now it doesn’t happen! >:O)

Even while I write this, I feel some sense of uneasiness & discomfort, when I tried to remember things. I guess, this dream episode won’t happen in real & would be a perfect-fit for this tag. I’m relieved. >:O)

Burkha Girls

19.01.2007  in BackTrace , FunFrolic

This happened yesterday. The sun was bright & shining. I was there to cross a road. Just opposite to me, a group of ladies waited to cross the same road. Its a busy road. Before they could try, I sped & did the crossing. I bumped into this group like a cheetah heading into a buffalo herd. They were a gang of muslim girls, with their burkhas (Not to be confused with barkha) on. Everyone there was fair skinned & wore a contrasting black robe. Everything just but their eyes was covered, as if with a tag “For your eyes only!”. Their veils had a strip like opening, around their eyes, just like the sticker strips of Aish(eyes)warya you genreally find on Autorickshaws.

There was no zebra crossing, there; something brought us to the same “Line of Crossing!” I perplexed & stood with the girls surrounded. Damn! Do I have to surrender now? Time forgot its timing & lost its pace. The world around me went blurred. The noisy road, to my surprise, became noiseless. The Sun decided to lit me alone. Some mixed smell of perfumes diffused in the air. I heard some chorus hums in the background; the angels, I suppose. I was not keen in watching every single eye, but everyone together. Some blinked, like the white stars twinkling in a night’s sky. Awesome. Its a constellation of icy cool eyes. Termed to be a “Rare Sighting”.

Before I could get to my senses, the gang is gone. An autorickshaw stopped to the side of me, the driver peered outside & asked, “Apollo Hospital?” Bloody, how does he know that I had a “Heart Stroke”?

Ok. Lets get back. At the 1st place, why do such women had to be wrapped up & stay within their burkhas? May be because, Islam allows men to practice polygyny. Women covering themselves would help them from not being the nth (where n > 1) wife of someone. Its also sad to note that women of Dubai can’t take sunbaths in their own beach stretches. But taking a look from a scientific angle, it appears to me, that a burkha is just a sunscreen. What say?


“Save Paper. Save Trees.” - This placard can be found in our office restroom. A few thoughts that spurred were:
- Save Paper. But, clean your dirt! - Save Paper. Plant Trees. Water them. - Recycle Paper. Save Trees. Create Jobs. - Use Paper. Plant Trees. Balance the ecosystem. - Offices & Restrooms, better be Paperless! Printer companies, better go bankrupt. - A Placard that was made out of Paper & having this particular message spoils atleast one purpose. - Say, an origami art, a “Tree made out of Paper”, would be a ransacker. - Making Paper out of Trees is a irreversible process that leads to deforestation which is reversible.

do you have one? >:O)

Your entry may have a fair chance of getting read in the UN Trees & Environment Conference or may be fit for a citation from the Green Peace. So unlace those horses in you!

[paper.gif]: “paper.gif”

SPiKE continues:
> The water was cold & wavy. I felt like shivering; dipped to wet my > head. From a distance, a large sized boat, probably a more > sophisticated one, trumped. I turned to see it approaching. It had a > bunch of people, a few with their binoculars. All men & no children. > One guy, if I remember correctly, the guy on a loose violet beach > shirt, had a video cam. He stood at the verge of the deck & was trying > to get something in his viewfinder. The boat came closer & got > anchored. Someone from our hovercraft shouted something to the boat. > The water in my ears dampened the sound & made hard to decipher.
> That should be a boat of tourists doing some joy fishing & enjoying a > ride, I believed. Got some relief that someone being there to support, > if in case. The man with the cam moved his cam to capture me & my > hovercraft. The men in our hovercraft, however, opposed to it. I > thought it to be the moment of life & swam towards the boat. I was > stopped by the sounds of gun shots. Alas! They fired shots towards the > sky. Though sounds played a major role today, I didn’t sound any! Some > laughed at me. Some threw dead fish. Yep! All these men belong to the > same group. Who the hell are they?

Where am I? #1 is here.

Hii iPhone

10.01.2007  in GizmoNoise

(Note: This pic is proprietary & a property of Apple Inc. Reproduced here with no permissions sought.)

The long awaited iPhone is out. With this launch, Apple competes its own iPod product line, that is already selling like hotcakes. A few noteworthy mentions:
- Well! It suprises anybody on its first look. This phone has no buttons. Even the hold button is a soft key! The phone renders all its keys on a touch-sensitive display. Mind you, there’s no stylus. - Its the 1st time OSX is being ported to a handheld device. Being OSX, all the goodies (safari, widgets, clean looks …) of it, comes to the phone also. - Sensors are aplenty. There is a gyro sensor, to determine the orientation of the device. A proximity sensor, to detect & switch off the display, when the phone goes near to the ear. A light sensor, to gauge the ambient light intensity & thereby increase the intensity backlit of the LCD. - The touch screen is multi-touch sensitive. There is a lot of research & inventions happenning in this tech. Very commendable achievement. - Has WiFi. Just to address the Zune’s upperhand. - PortalPlayer (now part of nVidia), the same guys who did the SoC for iPod, is doing it again for this device.

Not so worthy factors:
- There’s something wrong in the aspect-ratio of this phone. I donno what! - There’s no CDMA version. Still working on the licensing terms? - 4Gb is 499 USD. Isn’t it pricey?

More are pics here.

[iphone.JPG]: “iphone.JPG”

Food for Peace

09.01.2007  in IntelliSparks

Bharathiyar once said:
> தனி ஒருவனுக்கு உணவில்லை எனில் ஜகத்தினை அழித்திடுவோம்!
> We shall wipe this world out, if an individual fails to get his food. > (a rough translation)

Yeah! There’ll be commotion & revolt when the needy doesn’t get his piece of pancake. >:O) Basically, disturbance of peace.

Momofuku (don’t read aloud >:O), the inventor of instant noodles, also said:

Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat!

You see, how these great men have united in their thoughts. All they say is, “Food buys Peace in this world”. I guess, this will be a pretty Freakonomics story, if well researched.

Ok. Got enough food for thought? May you digest it in Peace. >:O)

Have you observed this fact:
> Every girl you know, has a boy friend.

Ofcourse, that boy friend is not you. Not that you wanted to be, but still. You would have got baffled with it, thinking that you’ll never get a girl. I mean as a GF. For those men, I tell you, “don’t loose heart”. Yep! Heart. It has to be lost somewhere else, pump it up with more blood. Its needs to live longer, beat harder for someone else.

I may ask you to consider the converse of this fact:
> You are the boy friend of a girl whom you don’t know.

Sounds interesting? Read on. You may ask, “Well! Once I start to get to know the girl, will I be not her Boy Friend?” I suppose, you are the man of “a glass that is half empty”. See the brighter side. Make the grass greener on your side by changing the perception of what green is. The above statement is very optimistic, brings joy to your self. It makes you feel good. Think of the hundreds & thousands of girls whom you don’t know. Hurray! They are all your GFs. Does that sound scary? Come on! Don’t run-off! Its an opportunity to make use of & to prove that the fittest one survives.

Now pick a girl who has no one to marry (sometimes there can be an man, who is not her BF, but coming out of the blue & claiming for demand marriage rights!). I tell this because, we can’t hurt feelings within manhood. You know that. Ok. Make sure that the girl gets to think that there is no one to replace you. How to do that? Its an art in itself, a subject to research & claim doctorates. Wanna a Ph.D? Work for it!

I see a heavy churn-out of guys loosing out of love affairs. Looks like, I can run profitably a rehabilitation center for such men. Are you sick & tired? Sad & gloomy? Cheer-up guys. Its time to turn those dark, dusty, thick stubbles into french beards. Format those ill-fated memories & pave way to store more of happy material. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Believe in it. My wishes. >:O) Ok. Now back to work.

PS: Don’t choose social networking sites or public chat rooms as your hunting grounds. You’ll always be a misfit.

The Doors

04.01.2007  in BumpedUpon

The Doors, is a movie about the lead singer of a rock band named “The doors”.

If you wanna go insane & spoil your mind, you gotto watch it. It portrays the life of a man, you can never imagine. It’ll wake the sleeping chimp in you. I mean, the real wild shmuck chimp. It’ll make you sick.

The rating at IMDB is good. Never know how. I couldn’t cross, even the half of it. Want to try?

ZeroSix is gone

04.01.2007  in BackTrace

06’ has been an eventful year. Lots of things happened, but nothing for the good. It was the year:
- I threw-up a dice & hoped for an ace. Finally, I found myself to be a Joker. A game can sometimes be saved by a Joker. But mine is a different ball-game altogether. - I told someone that I’m a Jack of all trades & King of none. But aspiring to become one. He agreed to make me a King; a King in the trade I don’t like. I didn’t trade his goods. Rather, I went to trade pearls. - I moved out from associations, associates & accomplices. The reasons stated were to develop better skill, network with different set of people, to kill boredom & monotony, to seek peace of mind & to lead a harmonious life. - That took me to the land of opportunities, the land of dreams, the land of migrants, the land of civilized people who promote civil wars, the land of nuclear power, the land of time zones, the land of rounded bodies, the land where our brains drained, the land of parking spaces, the land of maniacs & freaks. Its the land where the whole world lands itself. (breathe slowly & read on!) So much to it & I had to return with no glimpse of it.

Not just these, but several. On the whole, it sucked me literally. Better be 07’! >:O)

Update #0: To give a good a sensible feel of how it sucked, here is this update. It so happened that I had to take lunch at a Pizza Hut Outlet with nobody to accompany; Order pizza, eat & return. Do you think that anyone can just do it all alone? When you are single, you’ll realize how the bearers would treat you, how long it takes to deliver your order, how much time it takes to eat a pan pizza & what people in other tables generally do. Man, I tell you, it really sucks. Its pathetic. The nearby chatters & girly giggles suppressed my hunger. I had to pack everything that is left-over & return silently.