She tucked her hair up & turned to see Our Guy entering the lobby. She’s the receptionist at the software firm.

“Excuse me. I have come for an interview.”, our guy remarked.
“Ho! Good. The queue is right there.” said the painted lips.

The queue is long & ran thro’ the stairs. He took some water from the dispenser & joined the others. There were chatters about how good the receptionist is. He too felt the same. Some were serious on the projects that this company is working on. Some munched about the work culture as said by their friends. Some were drowsy & dull with their ears hearing everything thats spoken around.

He didn’t bother anything, just pulled out a book titled “Let us C”. And, all his thoughts dived into it. There were cellphones ringing, receptionist passing-by, security asking to follow the queue, nature calls,… Nothing pulled his concentration out, but for this:

“You’ll have the Technical Interview 1st & then the HR interview. Is that fine?“. Its the voice of the head HR; a mature lady holding a set of files.

Our Guy knocked the room where just another guy of his age said “Come in!“.

Ok. You are “Our Guy” right?
Nope! I’m “Its me!”
Lets not confuse ourselves. I’ll call you as “You”.
Thinking how insane he is; said “Ok”.

I’ll ask you just one question & our selection will be based on this. He gave a printed sheet, sipped his coffee & said saying “Please comment on this piece of code.” The paper had a code stub, which appeared like:

sComplex U, I; sVeryComplex L; sTroubleSome V, C; V = U & I + L; C = (WE_ARE_ONE == V)? U * I : ((U = I = WE_ARE_NOT_WE) & THERE_IS_NONE);

Our Guy thought for a while & wrote:

sComplex U, I; // Yes! U & I are complex sVeryComplex L; // L is much more complex sTroubleSome V, C; // V & C are TroubleSome types V = U & I + L; // This is a simple formula ; // This is a weird equation C = (WE_ARE_ONE == V)? U * I : ((U = I = WE_ARE_NOT_WE) & THERE_IS_NONE);

As the coffee got over, the guy (interviewer) peeped in the answer sheet. Meanwhile he gets a call, but said “You will have the HR interview in the afternoon, register yourself at the reception”. Immediately after saying this, he attends the call & whispered, “Hai! Sorry babe! Had some interview. Whats the matter?”

Our Guy silently leaves the room thinking about the HR interview.

[Part 2]

U & I

19.02.2007  in FunFrolic


U & I; so close & next to each other,
a moment, an opportunity, & never ending.
but still, haven’t typed something meaningful!

the keyboard gets all the hits,
yet never fumes; maybe because,
U & I are there to console.
don’t we radiate tolerance & forgivness,
for people to understand & accept?.

8 is in between & above,
a maneuver to earn a license,
to ride with we as both of its wheels.
ouch! does it remind something?
our 1st journey, needs a valid license!

its UI; when we go together,
means a lot of interaction & intimacy.
stimulative, expressive & perhaps educative!

Y came in before, questioning our closeness,
O came after, wondering our secrecy;
neither we care, nor we dare;
together we belong,
as long as we are english. >:O)

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Update #0: Fellow readers, the idea of Y before U & I came from Ponnarasi. >:O)

Ambilight is an “intelligent” light glow (halo) behind the TV/Monitor that changes in color with the content that is shown. The Royal Philips Electronics invented this.

But even before Philips, my mom had found it. She used to instruct me to switch on the night lamp, whenever I watch TV during nights. Will say that it’ll reduce eye strain. No! No! I don’t want to file any litigation against Philips & claim rights. >:O)

Ok. Coming back, Ambilight is an aesthetics feature & shares something with usability. Amit Gupta, the man behind Photojojo maintains a PhotoBlog. There, the border strip at the bottom changes in color harmoniously in respect to the photo that is displayed. You got to visit the blog to really understand. Isn’t it an ambilight technology for websites? Is it a patent infringment? All perceptions are left to you. >:O)

Ideaxtŕeam moves out to be a wiki. I guess, its an evolution to keep itself adapted for the changes. Thats how it needs to grow. Let the Ideas keep me awake.

Whats Love?

14.02.2007  in WriteThings

I keep thinking on what Love is, a lot more, these days. I used to believe that if someone spends a lot of time with somebody & specially if they are of opposite genders, they tend to fall in love. Isn’t it so?

I believe that a boy & a girl can’t be friends at all. If they could say so, I wish they could be true to themselves. Atleast, in some course of their friendship, they would have thought about getting together (I mean, in a platonic sense) in life. This thought would have occurred secretly & seperately! I suppose, thats a practical thought & there is no guilt associated. One can possibly ignore the other, only for reasons that are external; such as humiliation, family settings, prosperity, etc. If someone (opp. gender) is a friend of you, which means he/she has already adjusted/matched with your personality. Marrying such a friend is much better than arranging a marriage with someone else & is very plausible.

So, if I have, say n friends, how to choose “a” (or “the”, possibly) person for this kinda relationship upgrade. How to identify/grab the person when he/she comes in one’s life? Because I have serious doubts on whom to love & whom to ignore! <:o(

I asked this to someone I know & this was the reply (edited):
> Love is a different but a special feeling. When your inner heart > starts to smile, the moment you see a person. Gottcha!, he/she is the > person to grab. You will feel to miss something when that person is > not with you, even for a minute. You will not care for anything else > in the world. You will be ready to take any risk for him/her in your > life. Its more like listen & follow your inner heart. It will always > be right.

Damn! I haven’t yet “felt” such things with any person. And, I don’t think, I would ever feel so! <:o( So what to do? Wait for the “Natural Selection” to happen! >:O)

Also, I understood this with the help of my friends:
> Love is something that cannot be tried with a person! No effort can to > be put to start & run Love. Its a natural process & germinates on > suitable environmental conditions. Wait for it to happen. Don’t ever > try to catalyst. You withdraw your waiting, when you timeout. Have no > despair.

Here is a FWed from another of my friends:
> Once, there was this guy, who was in love with a gal. She wasn’t the > most beautiful and gorgeous but for him, she was everything. He used > to dream about her, about spending the rest of life with her. His > friends told him, “why do you dream so much about her, when you don’t > even know if she loves you or not?
> First tell her your feelings, and get to know if she likes you or > not”. He felt that was the right way. The girl knew from the > beginning, that this guy loves her.One day when he proposed, she > rejected him. His friends thought he would take to alcohol; drugs etc. > and ruin his life. To their surprise, he was not depressed. When they > asked him how was it that he is not sad, he replied, “‘why should I > feel bad? I lost one who never loved me & she lost the one who really > loved and cared for her.”
> Never Cry for One Who Makes You Cry!

So don’t waste your time in “trying/forcing” something, let the patience reward you. >:O) Best Wishes. Cheers!

Going out single on a Valentines day would be the most disheartening thing to do. So better would be to team-up with other singles around & do some activity. You are a gang of 3 to 4 guys (or girls), who are bent on doing some pranks. Here are the few things that you can try doing:
- Do this on the evening of the Feb14, may be at around 5 pm. Enter a Cafe Coffee Day outlet, one by one & occupy seperate tables. If you get a couch, stretch yourself a little extra. Stare at the menu for quite sometime & then call the bearer loud so that you get everyone’s attention. Never ever make signs. Order some Black Coffee, may be an Expresso which’ll be sick! Put your mobi in silent mode & act as if you are on a call. Act as if the person at the other side of the call is your valentine & didn’t want to turn-up for the meet. Do the chatter loud. Scold him/her loud. Make your sentences long & filled with emotions. Cough intermittently. Clear your throat attimes. Keep shouting. All of your gang should do this. If your Black Coffee has arrived, sip it & place the cup with a thud. Make some whacky & miserable facial expressions. Continue the talk. Use the restroom atleast twice. Make sure you ask some doubts about the bill. Cut the call abrubtly. Pay & exit.

  • Get a black cloth & cut a heart symbol out of it. Make several of those, your friends may need it. May be you can put-up a distribution center. You got to Pin-it-up on your shirt, close your heart & walk down the streets. Sticking an arrow is left to your creativity.
  • Create banners, placards & posters about the ill effects of love & stage a peaceful march near Parks, Beaches, Shopping Malls & Movie theatres. Get oaths from people that they wouldn’t love anybody.
  • Get yourself dressed in starking Red. Everything in you should be red, including the flower that is on your ear pinna. Anything in Green is a strict “No! No!”, as it depicts “proceed”.
  • Submit a request to the Education Deparment of Schools & Colleges to include a subject about Love. The subject that creates awareness & hatred towards love. Suggest all the Singles, Love-Loose-Outs & Saints to device lessons for that subject.
  • Buy gas filled heart-shaped pinkish baloons in bulk. Go to places where cupid-couples gather & release all those baloons in the air. Poke some of them during the release & do claps when they burst.
  • Join a cake shop/confectionary/restaurant where the probability of boy-girls visiting is high. Buy Red Roses again in bulk. Roast them on a Barbeque stove & place them on the serving tables. A few roses can be dropped for people to stamp & walk on them. Have competitions such as honouring the person who strip all the petals of say 10 roses in the shortest time.
  • Report abuse of all the communities on Orkut that preaches love. Do the same for chat rooms in Yahoo categorized as “Romance”. Complain about the language as inappropriate in Rediff’s Q&A section for all discussions about love.
  • Note down the names of all the girls (if you are a girl read it as guys) you have been behind, whom you don’t like or who dumped you. Print them in large fonts on Tee-shirts in different colors, specially Pink. Make cuts on the Tee with a razor-blade & wear it over a black shirt. Go around your city on a bike.
  • Rent out some romantic movies in which the lovers doesn’t get together, even at the end. Invite all the singles around & laugh at the fate of such lovers. Have a Blast.

If you have some other ideas, do let me know. >:O)
Happy Valentines Day Celebrations!

(Performing any of the suggested pranks is purely on account of the individual’s wish. I’ll shall not be held with responsibility.)

We hurried in an Autorickshaw to Madiwala. From there, we had to catch a bus towards Majestic. And to Yelahanka Airfield, from there. Yep! We were headed to the “Bangalore Airshow”. The Bus from Majestic to Yelahanka is a Volvo, had AirConditioning & the fare is 45 INR. We were the 1st ones to go standing. Later a good number of people joined to travel, standing with us. The Volvo was good except for the fact that it kept proved inertia & had a standing class for the same price of travel.

The journey to Yelahanka was really long. The traffic was intensive due to the weekend moods & the curiousness of Bangalore folks with Planes. We have to be very happy for Bangalore for not housing any Navy establisment. Otherwise for any display of Navy kind, there would be again an incidence of Traffic congestion. Moreover, there needs to be high-seas for such Navy shows, which would be done on artifical lakes. The water for such lakes would eventually be sucked from Cauvery. Praise the Lord! The farmers from Lower Karnataka & Tamilnadu Delta are gifted in some sense.

As we walked on the road; in search of our entry gate, there were people to the sides looking as if they had doubts with the saying, “The Sky is the Limit!“. Hmm, they are these unfortunate people with less of excessive money enjoying the acrobatics of MIGs & SUKHOIs. We weren’t enjoying like them, we were ticketless & searching for a booth to get one. Heard that there was one of the counters deep inside the AirField premises & the way to it is not a straight line. Looks like the road planners are from a space agency & took inspirations from the Path of a Space Shuttle. Merry! We went around.

There was difference in the type of jets that participate in the morning & evening shows. We went for the morning show, saw some maneuvers from outside the compound, paid for the tickets, & watched the evening show from the venue. So, in total, we witnessed almost all kinda planes including a LCA.

I have some personal grudge with the LCA, from some 2 years before. Not because, its supposedly engine is named Cauvery. Its because it got involved in a DogBite instead of a DogFight. This LCA, when I was in Bangalore & during one of its TestRuns, came very close to a Residential settlement. I was there in a tiny pathway, going with my roomies for Lunch. This plane was low in altitude & high in speed. A loud thunderous noise came in, all of a sudden.

We were looking up to find on what this noise is all about. A dog, inside some house, felt greatly annoyed & agitated by this sound. It ran straight to me, held my leg around the knees & gave an ardent bite. Damn! Nobody noticed. The dog, however, didn’t pull any flesh out but made sure that its tooth-impression is the deepest! It appeared as if the Dog was brushing-up its biting skills with my leg. As soon as the LCA past us, the dog disappeared leaving no footmarks but a bitemark. Bull! Should I need a sniffer dog to track down its hideout? Bow bow!

  • Truth: That can be false only when it is misspelt!
  • Arranged marriage: A stance, our wisdom takes that is least troublesome!
  • Love marriage: A Punishment given for an “early” celebration of life!
  • Sorrow: Only when something doesn’t “meets” expectations!
  • Life: Its about living with a lot of “if”s for an end!
  • Friend: A random person assigned to do nicer things with high probability!

Thank you! >:O)

When Man proposes, God disposes!

Generally, Men are good at heart. They doesn’t blame the girl for everything. >:O)

Update #0: Couldn’t stop the urge! I’m back in the blog business. Please keep visiting me & keep sharing your thoughts, like as you did before! >:O)

The disturbance & provocation has been too much & thŕattle couldn’t sustain itself! So planning a walk-out, keeping thŕattle in bed-rest for three months or so. In this period, I would like to streamline things with me. I haven’t still lost interest in thŕattling, but felt the noise is way loud; spoiling myself. I’m aware that a good ecosystem is brewing here >:O), but couldn’t help nourishing it.

Its like this Calvin’s struggle (click here - if you can’t read):


thŕattle has been both fertile & famine, had fun with the horses (including a pegasus), invented several mashup names, reflected a lot from heart & mind, made a few but good friends. Hmm! Sure, will catch-up with those fellas regularly. Then nothing more. Take care Bloggies/Bloggers! Will follow-up your writings. I’ll miss you here! <:o( Cheers!