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Mar 23rd, 2010

23.03.2010  in BackTrace

The 2nd day was a pain:

  • I didn’t feel any hungry. But started to feel cold & dizzy.
  • Was very weak & tired.
  • Cudn’t concentrate at work even for a second.
  • Had a severe pain in the legs, specially around the thighs. It was quite unbearable.

This 2nd day was my last day. Didn’t hav a reason to continue starving.

Before I started, had planned to keep atleast for 3 days at worse & for a max of 3 weeks. Mahatma Gandhi was the inspiration. He stayed alive without food for 3 weeks & that too at his 70s.

Mar 22nd, 2010

22.03.2010  in BackTrace

The 1st day without food was bad towards the end:

*Got a bad breath, as usual *Cudn’t concentrate. *My speech was affected. *When I drove back home, surprisingly, there was no feeling of gliding. *Had an occasional headache. *While in the night, sleeping, felt that I was feeling cold. I think I had problem in regulating the body temperature. *I also got a few burps (hav’nt got it last time)

End of thŕattle

21.03.2010  in OwnerShip

I read someone to write, that his blog is not dead. Here I come to tell you that this blog will be dead in a few min.

So far, so long & so many thoughts. I always reappear & continue to write, whenever I abscond from thŕattle. It was always temporary. But this time, it is different. I like to blog more; like the urge of a person to live more when he gets to know about his impending death. I cannot stop death; I can delay it, thou.

I always cling to certain passions, things & subjects that interest me, at certain points in my life. But they all go past me. They change & I change as well.

Thanks to thrattle to get me introduced to all good people (Hi there!). I’ll keep your data safe.

All I can say is we are at the end. I hav no time either. This is the end for us.

This blog is dead now.

PS: If you think the word ‘thrattle’ sounds cool, go ahead & use it. No credits or attributions are needed. I give away all my ownership on this.

Mar 21st, 2010

21.03.2010  in BackTrace

Searching for How to survive without food. Thought of skiping only breakfast & lunch. Now after reading thro, seems we can stay all day starving.

Last time, I tried only with breakfast & lunch. I wanted to tweet abt what happened, but cudn’t. Here is the chance: * You’ll get a bad breath. Your toungue feels thicker. * When you ride a bike starving, you’ll feel as if you are slighly gliding. A feeling as if you are drunk.

There is one more which I forgot. Let me see, if I get the same this time.

Still on dump

25.12.2008  in WriteThings

Its been more than a month. Things had improved to slip back again. I’m back at square one. Thrattle, so apt I named; there’s been so much provocation & disturbance that I cannot blog about. Thou shall 09’ be good.

Happy Holidays & a Fresh New Year.

Ran dumb dump

08.11.2008  in WriteThings

Nobody is dispensable.

My ex-team-lead kept saying this. After about 1 yr working under him; one fine morning, I heard the news that he hung himself in his house. What a pity? A few weeks passed & we didn’t miss him much at work. All the responsibilities he had, were transferred to some other person. The project went on. I think his family would hav moved-on as well.

Each one of us living in this world is very much dispensable. We are utterly trivial comparing the massiveness of this earth & the space around. Every person’s life is to be overwritten by people who follow. The loss of a child or a member of your family or the love of life are all just temporary feelings of sorrow & dejection. Things would eventually come & fill those doleful crevices.

Very recently, I re-learnt the meaning of the feelings: remembering someone & missing someone. The intensity of pain is greater in missing someone than you remember someone. I think remembrance tends more towards happiness. Also, you can’t miss someone all the time. It is so painful & you unconsciously restore to remembering them. Making them dispensable.

Love is like a food-poison. It becomes a part of your daily intake & gets in your blood stream. You keep thinking that food is good, being totally unaware of its ingredients. You’ll not realize that you are sick until you puke one day. It makes you weak & miserable. All your screws would be loosed & would let things go.

You’ll also enjoy some comfort in going thro’ that suffering. It is like that feeling of liberation when you confess something. Although many would disagree, I think this is the case.

Love sucks until the last drop of your bodily fluid ceases to exist. Period.

I came across this post at LifeBeyondCode. To quote:
> A path where the journey is better than the destination!

Think that journey is very much better only when the final destination is gonna cause some discomfort. Slam those brakes & bring your wagon to a screeching halt when you foresee things to go crazy weird. Although it is hard for your ears & confronts your balance, you get time to re-plan. Assert your desired destination, pull-up your direction maps & re-check your routes. You can go nowhere after you hav reached the original destination. So know where your brakes are.

Let me reinstate: I’m OK!

(Sequel to this)

Vinod - Straight lines & sharp corners:


Vinod - Smooth & free flow:


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Which one is likeable?

Doesn’t this sentence, sound oxymoronic just like a const variable?
> Change is the one, that is always constant.

The speed of light which you might think to be an universal constant, actually refers to something that is changing. It denotes the rate of change of the position of a photon.

How about the radius of earth? Is it constant? It denotes radius of something that is in self-rotation as well as on the move around the sun. What if the earth stops all its movements? Will its radius be the same? Will it still be spherical (~)?

Did I hear about the mass? Well! Take the mass of anything. What makes a mass? Its protons, neutrons & electrons. All are under constant move.

Leave living-things, even non-living things change. Every mountain grows. Sea levels change. Clouds float to places. Stones roll in diff shapes, the environment around carves it. Tables crack with age. Chairs bend. Oxygen eats metals. Dead bodies disintegrate.

Earth’s gravity, number of chromosomes in humans, your parents (think abt it), your interests - all denote change or will subject to change.

Change is everywhere. Everything surrounding you changes. Embrace change.

(ps: Even the spelling of “Change” can change, you may never be sure of!)

My Sassy Girl

02.10.2008  in BumpedUpon

image I happened to pull-in some pics of Elisha Cuthbert (I’ll try to remember her name) not knowing who she is & not even previewing her pics. Its a kinda technology which provides only filenames & no thumbnails, with which I downloaded. That was a week before.

Stumbled across, My Sassy Girl yesterday & it was totally entertaining. Guess what? Elisha Cuthbert, is the lead actress. She appears as Jordan R+o+a+r+k; an unpredictive, seemingly arrogant, always drunk, bossy, delusional, yet hawt still beautiful girl. Charlie (Jesse Bradford) the character getting along with Jordan, introduces her like this:
> Once in your life, if you are very lucky; you’ll meet the person who > divides it; into the time before you met her & the time after.

Thats how the course of events take a ruthless, un-imaginable yet interesting turns, after bumping upon her.

While watching the movie, felt the character of Jordan to be something new for Hollywood (ofcourse, telling this with my limited knowledge). Later learnt it to be a remake of a Korean film.

Elisha’s role is very-much likeable. The background score is pleasant & devoid of any modern sounds. It is disheartening to hear that this movie didn’t make it to the theatres. It is DVD only.

Get your eyes on it & leave your comments.

ps: Wikipedia entry of Elisha says that she was the contender for MJ’s role in SpiderMan. Would hav been awesome, had she gotten the slot.